As a homegrown local food brand, we are deeply committed to supporting local artists, showcasing artworks on our seasonal WOK HEY packs.

This Christmas, driven by the spirit of giving, we aspire to make an even greater impact on our local community. We chose to collaborate with The Art Faculty and Stitch to design our WOK HEY boxes and merchandise for Christmas 2023.

Through this initiative, we seek to raise awareness about autism and celebrate the abilities of individuals on the autism spectrum.

The Art Faculty is a social enterprise set up by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) to promote and celebrate the abilities of individuals on the autism spectrum.

It showcases their special talents through their artworks and art embellished onto quality, functional products. For every sale of artwork and product, artists earn royalties and learn the value of work and financial independence.

The Art Faculty also trains and employs differently-abled staff for its retail outlets, café and online shop.

The Art Faculty is a non-profit organization passionately dedicated to empowering artists, with a particular focus on those on the autism spectrum. Beyond being a creative haven, the institution actively works to break down societal barriers and challenge stereotypes through diverse initiatives.

The Art Faculty’s commitment lies in fostering a more inclusive world where artists can showcase their exceptional talents, proving that within every stroke lies a powerful narrative. With a mission to transform perceptions, it stands as a driving force, shaping a more understanding society through the universal language of art.

Gifts That Give Back

Cosmic Wonderland
Thermal Bag

Through The Art Faculty, we have created thermal bags adorned with intricate motifs. These bags were hand sewn by differently-abled artisans at Stitch, a worksite by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore).

What sets this merchandise apart is its purposeful mission. 100% of every sale of product goes to The Art Faculty, enabling artists to earn royalties and understand the value of their work, contributing to their journey towards financial independence.

Check out other gifts on The Art Faculty’s website, and shop for a cause!

Support Incredible Talents

Aaron Yap

Rachel Fong

Joshua Chiang