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We are a young F&B company with a bold vision

At WOK HEY, we have a team of dynamic industry professionals who are passionate about creating successful and rewarding franchise partnerships and building a global brand.

The Franchisee will benefit from the extensive support and personalized relationships that are provided by the Franchisor. Our brand guidelines define the technical and visual brand elements which will help the Franchisee establish the WOK HEY brand consistently.

At WOK HEY, we insist on the highest level of integrity in all our dealings with our Franchisees, treating them with mutual trust and respect.

We are keen to work with like-minded international partners who share our vision and would love to join our extended family.

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Easily Understandable Food Offering

People understand fried rice and noodles and to many, this is comfort food. The Asian stir-fry staples category is a broad-ranging one, and this allows us the flexibility to localize part of our core menu offerings in different markets and also the opportunity to widen our variety through seasonal offerings, whilst staying relevant to the category.

Relevant Value Proposition

The concept rides on two key global trends; convenience and customization. As a fast-casual takeaway kiosk concept, the store-size requirement allows us to be nimble and be located in multiple areas with high foot traffic volume, bringing the products closer to customers. Our range of ingredient options provide customers with the ability to order a highly-customized product, suited to their individual preferences.

Better Systems, Better Store Economics

Our streamlined operational processes, lean footprint and custom-built equipment allows us to be highly productive and cost-efficient, lowering setup, operational and rental costs. Our training processes makes us chef-independent, but at the same time, allows us to consistently produce good quality food. This enables the concept to scale easily.

A Proven Track Record

As an operator, the concept has been proven to drive better store unit economics, arising from higher sales per square foot and lower startup, operational and rental costs.



The concept has been proven to work in a highly competitive F&B environment and the flexible store format makes it easily adaptable to various trade locations.

1. Values & Vision

We like partners who are aligned with our vison and share our core values.

2. Scale

Access to financial resources coupled with the willingness to invest for a period of 3-5 years. We require a minimum net worth of US$600,000, of which US$300,000 must be liquid.

3. F&B Fast Casual / Takeaway Kiosk Experience

Relevant fast casual / takeaway kiosk experience preferred, ideally with the experience of successfully managing and developing a multi-unit (at least 5) concept.

4. Network

Ability to secure prime real estate locations and set up supply chain.

5. Brand Focus

Passionate senior team, with a proven track record in brand management and the ability to deliver a consistent customer experience.

6. Regional Expansion Capability

Ability to develop, manage and operate outlets in adjacent regions.